Double Depression Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Double depression causes, symptoms and treatment

This is a very strange thing to know that almost 3%-5% population is at high risk of developing a chronic type of depression that is long-lasting and scientists called it “Double depression”. Double depression can cause complications and affect daily life functions and quality of life that increase the risk of suicidal behaviors and thoughts, like other types of depression. Double depression treatment can help individuals save their lives by avoiding the circumstances of the risk of developing depression.

The term “Double depression” is a complicated state of mind and psychiatric sickness known as dysthymic disorder. Double depression is a depressed, chronic type of mood that, accompanied by the other signs of clinical depressive disorder such as low self-esteem or low energy which remain about 2 years in young people, or remain one year in children. The dark and slow moo described as “Veil of unhappy feeling” develops during day time and persist for two to many years. Many individuals have mood swings for 1—15 years or even after seeking the depression treatment. With the past few decades, about half of the people with double depression facing severe signs and symptoms that develop the onset of other related syndrome of major depressive disorder covered by the dysthymic depressive syndrome or double depression.

Difference between major depression and double depression

Double depressionMajor depression
Also known as low-grade chronic depression, non-chronic depressionAlso called a full depressive syndrome, chronic to acute type of depression
Defined by signs and symptoms of the depressionRelated with other types of the depression
“Baseline” mood is usually normalBaseline mood is depressive all time
People don’t know they are facing double depressionPeople know about the critical condition of the depression
It leads towards the chronic to severe type, but usually recovered at homeIt leads towards other types of the diseases and can’t recover at home

Approximately, 1/5 individual experience some episodes of major depression, the illness become more chronic and persist for three years or longer. Modern diagnostic criteria classify the double depression and major depression as a combination of “chronic depression” because both conditions tend to be more different and similar. For some individual, the major depressive syndrome is a full episode of depression that last for a few months to years. The condition is marked drop in the mood swings that is accompanied by the serious signs that include:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Hopelessness
  • Poor concentration
  • Sleeping too much or insomnia
  • Agitation or low energy
  •  Thoughts of suicide or death
  • Overeating or loss of appetite
  • Thoughts of guilt or worthlessness
  • Loss of interest in regular activities

Characteristics of double depression

Previous research showed that individual having double depression have a greater sense of worthlessness as compared to other people experiencing major depression and dysthymia alone. The depressed response causes alterations in body functions that can enhance the risk of cardiac diseases, medical conditions and diabetes. The sudden change in state of mind and in the body complicates the depression treatment for double depression when major depression occurs.

Another issue caused by the fundamental, long term depression and state of mind is that, individuals with dysthymia have a tendency to mishandle tobacco, alcohol, or road drugs or keep up an undesirable eating program. The subsequent medical issues complicate the disorder treatment, and the unfortunate way of life decisions, delay with two-old hopelessness for depression treatment.

Double depression prevention

Double depression treatment is required for the prevention step. Antidepressants proved to be very helpful, but make possible effectiveness for dysthymia than used for major depressive disorder.The physical therapies include cognitive therapy is very effective for double depression treatment. Mostly, the cognitive therapy and antidepressants are given in combination for better recovery. Doctors suggested only one approach at initial stages, either antidepressants or cognitive therapy, for 2-3 months and see the effective results either adding or switching the other, if outcomes are not sufficient.

Walking and exercising is also recommended to improve mood and depression disorder. Research showed better results when antidepressants are used with exercise and proved to be an addictive effect. This combination also proved to be effective for sleep patterns because sleep sickness can worsen the signs of double depression.

Any type of depression can be a medical condition for the individual opposing it in front of their friends and family. Getting the depression takes patients and disciplines. The depression is unquestionably a crippling condition that ought to be viewed as unaffectedly. Depression can influence an individual at different life stages. There is additionally various distinctive research relying upon one of a kind aspects including side effects and triggers the reason of depression. One kind of the disorder, explains the signs and symptoms of the condition known as dysthymia. Dysthymia does not mean having other diseases, yet it is surely less severe than other types of depression such as major depressive disorder. Dysthymia is fundamentally a mild kind of depression. Symptoms are not severe, however, the signs are significantly don’t influence the everyday life of a person. It might adjust their identity to be more negative, furious or reserved yet not to a higher degree that it disturbs their lives.

There is a basic difference between major depression and double depression. The Chronic and low grade depression is followed by the depressive syndrome with double depression. People having major and non-chronic depressive disorder have a baseline mood to normal level. Though, persons with double depression may not be able to recognize or have not ever known for what not being depression is.

Double Depression Research Findings

Florida State University explains the difference between double depression and other types of depression and found that individual having dysthymia fall in the category of the depressive state. As indicated by Joiner, Double Depression is “under-perceived and harder to treat than either dysthymia or significant depression signs are independent of any other type.”

A research group considered the mental appraisals of 54 young individuals who admitted in a mental outpatient office for depression treatment, who were 55 years and more experienced. They were given inquiries previously beginning treatment as tester of depression, and it was discovered that they felt miserable, on edge and as though they didn’t have control over their lives. The research found the severe sign and symptoms of double depressed patients that had an elevated level of depression. However,  the patients with double depression or dysthymia had direct increased levels of sadness.

According to scientists, the patients who are depressed and feel that the world is against them. Also, they feel the future looks unexciting, and they are not ready to fight back. They said the philosophical thoughts about the depression is a reason of double depression is difficult to treat.

Risk factors of double depression

  • The hypothesis of healthy normality and abnormality as a sickness
  • The extensiveness of human suffering such as anxiety, anger, stress, dissatisfaction, addiction, avoidance, divorce
  •  Most humans are hurting
  • Diagnosed with mental health disorders

Environmental factors

Environmental factors are the important part that takes part in developing and increasing the condition o double depression.

  • Cognitive factors
  • Genes
  • Brain imaging biomarkers
  • Epidemiological studies

Genetic factors

  • Major depression disorder
  • Existence of bipolar depression

Epidemiology and Psychiatric Risk Factors

  • Family history of mood disorder
  • Multiple prior MD episodes
  • Early family adversity or abuse
  • Comorbid nervousness or substance abuse
  • Homemakers
  • Unemployment or disability
  • Female gender
  • Divorced or never married
  • Poverty
  • Double depression (dysthymia +MD)
  • Long period of a person MD episodes
  • Residual signs from a MD episode

These factors contribute in developing a higher level of double depression. Moreover, other risk factors also discussed in recent research that developing the condition more severe. „

Double depression and health

With the studies showing that people with Double depression have a greater sense of hopelessness than people with dysthymia or major depression alone, it puts them in a constant state of stress. This causes changes in the body, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Risk of heart disease
  • More likely to abuse alcohol, tobacco or drugs
  • More likely to have an unhealthy diet

Another factor in why Double Depression is hard to treat is that people who have dysthymia feel that the depression is a part of who they are. They don’t seek any depression treatment for it even when it turns into major depression.

Features of Double Depression

Double depression is something different terms and have a list of characteristics. The factors are listed below:

  • Individuals feel they do not have any control over their lives or situations
  • The ability to concentrate is affected
  • Loss of interest in activities, including sex, which used to be pleasurable
  • Chronic mild depression increases the risk of developing Double Depression
  • Feeling of persistent negativity and sadness
  • Complaints about poor memory
  • Gain or loss of weight
  • Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes get worse
  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness or hopelessness are evident
  • With Double Depression’s extreme sense of hopelessness, there is an increased risk of having suicidal thoughts
  • Complaints of headache, stomachache and digestive problems
  • Trouble sleeping or oversleeping occurs
  • Speech and movements are slow
  • Anxious, agitated, irritable
  • Fatigue, loss of energy

The rate of double depression is higher with the intense dysthymic component as compared to major depression, and major depression is not treated only because it is not detectable. Worthlessness can be the major symptoms of the major depression and double depression.but, the extreme feeling of worthlessness tends to become more significant in double depressed people.

Double depression treatment

Individuals with double depression frequently feel as they have no control over their own personal life. The feeling is somewhat unique such as intention with other individuals, during the control course of their lives. This isn’t a regular feeling for an individual having significant unhappiness with no important sign of double depression.

The persons with double depression have a feeling having almost no mechanism proposes that cerebral depression treatment in combination with antidepressants may be a practical treatment for twofold depression. The objective of cerebral double depression treatment is to make a  possible change in negative thoughts and to give individuals a better approach to seeing and managing their condition. Implementing such a strategy tends to both the significant sorrow and the double depression. One approach to prevent double depression is to treat dysthymia and major depression as well. Antidepressants can help, however, they may take more time to work and not persuasive for dysthymia as they are for intense double depression.

Personal treatment can be helpful in the treatment of dysthymia. It tries to change the negative thoughts and gives people better approaches for seeing and managing themselves and their environment. A combination of a stimulant and personal treatment is regularly required. The proposal is to start one approach, either psychological double depression treatment for a couple of months and screen the impact. The outcome isn’t persuasive, at that point change the next approach or recommend different medicines.

In spite of the condition being a muddled and initiate the type of disorder, luckily twofold depression treatment and side effects have been shown throughout the life. Use the combination of medications, for example, antidepressants with personal behavioral treatment has turned out to be best. Indications include a combination of dysthymia and significant depressive issue with sad feeling being a typical happening. The personal behavioral treatment is the best option for those having double depression because it has positive side effects for both conditions, either major depression or double depression or maybe personal feeling any other sign of depression.

Individuals with double depression ought to continually under look for a conceivable episode of real depressive issue over the double depression. For the length of time that appropriate treatment is required, after the confusion might be brought under control.

All the risk factors are required to recover for better change in life. Some necessary conditions that need to be changed for a better condition. These are:

  • Lifestyle change
  • Negative thoughts
  • Brain washing
  • Positive company

In severe conditions, the treatment and medication is needed to overcome the condition.

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