How to Stop Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts are undesirable observations or imaginations that make you upset and irritated. These undesirable considerations are known as intrusive thoughts. Intrusive thoughts can bring desires, which are the things you do to enable you to adapt to the undesirable considerations. Sometimes, you think that something is terrifying such as man or other thing. This article explains these terrifying conditions or causes, sign and symptoms of the intrusive thoughts. Moreover, we consider the best treatment and recovery options to how to stop intrusive thoughts?

If you are starting to assume that you have intrusive thoughts or want to know more about your identified condition, this article will help you and give you a better understanding of the analyses and conditions of intrusive thoughts. The main concept of this article gives you hints and differences between new thoughts and feelings, that you may understand that what you have or what is the situation. So, in short, this summarization provides you:

  • An understanding that you as a person have not changed, you have not suddenly become a bad person, capable of things that are difficult for you to think about, and
  • A clear understanding of what intrusive thoughts are

How to seek help

This is the important point as the feelings or thoughts can be overwhelming at the start, you may not be able to analyze that you are the same person, nothing has changed, just your thoughts. However, you have to identify what type of intrusive thoughts you have been experiencing and need medical assistance.

Types of Intrusive Thoughts

There are different types of intrusive thoughts that causes difficulty in a person’s feelings or thoughts. Some important categories of intrusive thoughts are given below:

  • Intrusive Thoughts about children
  • Sexualised Intrusive Thoughts
  • Religious Intrusive Thoughts
  • Intrusive Thoughts relating to death
  • Violent and harm causing Intrusive Thoughts
  • Intrusive Thoughts concerning your sexual identity
  • Intrusive thoughts about your family
  • Obsessions and Compulsions
  • Urges and intrusive thoughts
  • Intrusive thoughts in relation to religious thoughts

Intrusive thoughts having aggressive, sexual or religious nature or may be anything that disturbs you. It may be obsessing and heterosexual in nature that you are a guy (HOCD). This is the major sign of obsessive or anxiety compulsive disorder (OCD). This situation also arises when you are near to become a mother or father and facing intrusive thoughts related to harmful aspects of your baby. In this situation, you have to control your thoughts and consult with the psychiatrist or specialist. Many thoughts stream through an individual’s mind every day that is not invited by themselves. These thoughts just happen, but you don’t have to pay attention to these thoughts or imaginations. With the increasing intrusive thoughts, you may feel like they have been taken a hold your life.

We are explaining here different types of intrusive thoughts that scientists have worked over many years. Before consulting this article, you must know that, you may experience the term “Anxiety Spike” when you go with all the types of the intrusive thoughts. Then take a deep breath, and go through all the types with patience and then compare your situation. It is okay, when you are ready to face every challenge of the world, but it does not, something is wrong with you when anxiety and stress activated and triggered your comfort. If you are normal to handle your unwanted thoughts by just avoiding, you may be experiencing an anxiety spike in the near future.

Sexual intrusive thoughts

Sexual intrusive thoughts include the following signs and symptoms

  • Sex with unsuitable people or things
  • Violent sexual acts
  • Any believe of a sexual nature that you find upsetting

These kinds of thoughts proved to be extremely stressed and arousal is normally involved. Sometimes, these thoughts have not been carried out the acts, the thoughts of sex causes you to feel aroused. It is a normal physiological response, that does not mean it is true for every person’s condition. Though, many individuals with this type of intrusive thoughts, wrongly believe that if the person experience sexual arousal that he must require sex.

Intrusive Thoughts about children

This type of intrusive thoughts is extremely stressed as you may have undesirable thoughts or believes that you could harm your child in some way. It includes unwanted thoughts that may prove to be too much harmful for your child and for you. Keep avoiding these types of  thoughts and keep yourself busy with daily routine.

Aggressive intrusive thoughts

These conditions may involve harmful aspects towards your beloved relations. Moreover, these intrusive thoughts are very distressing and may include the fear that may hurt someone or your close relation, even you don’t want to hurt anyone but your attitude due to such thoughts create problems.

Religious thoughts that disturb

Religious type of intrusive thoughts includes incorrect sexual feelings regarding religious figure or people. Swearing during worship or prayer. Strong feelings to act unsuitable during public services. Many people find difficulty due to harmless thoughts and ideas. They are more prone as a solid sign of wrong beliefs or views that create problems while dealing with a huge community.

Intrusive Thoughts regarding your sexual identity

Some individuals have annoying, intrusive thoughts which make a number of questions about their sexual identity. This condition is not same as in others, who knows the sex attraction towards different gender. If you are facing such feelings regarding your sexual identity, then you are still heterosexual person, but due to intrusive feelings, you may suffer with many worries.

Intrusive Thoughts regarding family members

This type of intrusive thoughts relates to the following factors:

  • Kissing members of your own family
  • Intrusive Images of a closed relation, such as naked
  • Concerned about thoughts such as “What if I am attracted to my brother, my sister?
  • Unwanted sexualised thoughts regarding family members.

Intrusive Thoughts about death

This type of feelings includes constant worries about death or accidents, which your heart may give up at any stage of life. It also includes a distressed image of death, either someone else you care or your own deaths relate thoughts.  This condition is also arises due to safety issues. If you are worried about your kids safety issues and other family members, but you may find that you are excessively worried about these issues and facing intrusive thoughts and imaginations regarding their safety. This condition includes:

  • Thinking that someone could come to harm or hurt themselves
  • Thinking about any un-necessary condition or harmful aspects of something

This kind of thoughts makes you seek  assurance about their safety. You may tell people around you to call or send a text message when they reach their final endpoint. That time when they are away from you might experience intrusive thoughts or imagination regarding other complicated situations that trigger your mind to think the worst. To stop or avoiding this type of situations, you might restrict your child to reduce such activity or chances of being far from beloved ones. It could also affect your baby life because due to your over restriction, he/she may not take part properly in certain life activity.

You need to reduce your anxiety or stress about these type of intrusive thoughts or consult with your doctor. Before getting upset about yourself, you need to remember you are doing the best with your thoughts and can easily recover it with treatment or psychotherapy.

Relation of Intrusive Thoughts with ‘bad things’?

The intrusive thoughts may prove to be as bad as an individual think. I can cover it in two basic parts given below:

  • Important things related to you
  • Level of attention that you pay to your thought

Intrusive thoughts are made on the basis of your personal experience. For example, We respect creatures, if the idea flew into our mind that we could hurt a person, this would surely lose our consideration, as it would degrade our qualities.  In this article, I have discussed few unwanted considerations, however most will disappear unnoticed. The ones that conflict with our main idea, will stand out from the rest. If you get an undesirable feeling that conflicts with your thoughts, you will feel something fear, upset or attentive. These solid negative feelings, influences the idea to seem more grounded than the actual feelings.

The initial section of why the thoughts are unpleasant things, take note that it is unique in relation to individual to individual. It is the thing that you think about dreadful feelings that need instant medical assistance.  The intrusive thoughts are not too horrible as a person think about it. You additionally need to take care of them. Simply care yourself or your beloved relations while not think too much about negative impacts on your relations. This type of feelings may create many problems in your blessed life or sometimes create distance between relations. Once, you diagnose you are suffering from such situation, don’t hesitate and take an appointment with your specialist. If you allow your thoughts to stay for a long time, it will hurt others, however, if you focus on the basic idea or ignoring the rest of thoughts and negative concepts, you will definitely come over the situation and can easily handle your mind by thinking it more negative. Many psychologists are working with the patients having intrusive thoughts, they are just trying to prove the wrong way of their thinking. Our main point is to inspire them to dismiss the idea and not think too much, or possibly they should state nourishment and any other daily healthy routine by taking into serious consideration

Intrusive thoughts and urges

The desires are the same thing as intrusive thoughts. Both have same sign and symptoms. Both fell in the same category of obsession. Simply an urge is defined as an obsession. Typically, those people who feel urge also facing intrusive thoughts in terms of obsessions. The obsession may be defined as:

  • To hurt someone that you care about
  • Touch someone inappropriately
  • To confess to something that you have not done
  • Trying to convince someone close
  • Trying to find a better option for your loved ones
  • Try to become happy your closed relations
  • Want to kiss someone who is not close to you either in your family or far from you

These urges that depends on that what you hold is the important for others and for you. But the conditions become changes due to your intrusive thoughts. Obsessions include:

  • Tend to go after your value base
  • Urges that you get
  • The things which you would never do in a lifetime
  • Fear from being dominant
  • Fear of trying new things in life
  • Negative thoughts

The urge may also include the obsession to carry out the compulsion such as, if you are trying to surprise someone special, you may have urge to remove all the way that develops the harmful aspects. Sometimes you have wrongly believed that a person is bad or not better, have something bad impression and then you need to confess the actual meaning of your words. Try to avoid this type of habit or don’t try to make everyone happy. Don’t make too much expectations from every relation. Just go ahead, enjoy the life and think positive. Every side has its positive and negative aspects, but don’t think too much. Just think about the positive aspects of the life. Everything in your life is valuable. So, try to avoid the bad things and stay happy. Happiest person can easily covers all the situations easily.

The things to be changed

You have to improve your lifestyle and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Be sure, mentally, physically you are a perfect person and you have the right to enjoy your life by adopting  your own lifestyle. Avoid every negative person in your life and if you are continuously facing intrusive thoughts, you have to consult with your doctor or specialist. Sometimes, a minor change can bring a positive effect on your life and you can start enjoying your life by making little effort.

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